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Photographer: Josefin Warg

Pistol competitions on the first day

04 JAN 2015 09:13
On Saturday the 3rd was the first competition day at the Swedish Cup 2015. Here you will find out what happened in the pistol competitions.
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Sweden dominated the women's junior final

 In the women junior competition Josefine Johansson, Frövi-Lindesberg took the lead after only a few shots. She kept the lead all the way and she won with her 190.6 points.
- It feels great. I was nervous, mostly in the beginning but all the time
really, but it felt good and was fun, Josefine Johansson says.

  Julia Lawner, Falun Sport and Pistol Shooting Club, ended up second with her 188.8 points.
- Basic Round was a disaster and in the finals, I standed too long. But I know what I need to work on; stand still and be more aggressive. Mostly, I think it is fun that "Jossan" became number one. It is also funny that there were three Swedes on the podium, says Lawner.

In the finale  three Swedish shooters, three Norwegian, one Danish and one Finnish attended. The podium places went to Sweden exclusively since Molly Hermansson from Öckerö ended up third.

Vendela won the ladies game

In the womens air pistol competition first year senior Vendela Sörensson from Öckerö won. 197.6 points was her winning result, it was more than three points ahead of Finnish Kirsti Kaaros 194.4 points in second place.
- It feels good to start like this in my first start as a lady. And that was my goal. Yesterday I said that I will make sure to have a fantastic start as a senior. So I'm very happy - I achieved my first goal!

However, it became a nervous journey towards victory.
- I was nervous throughout the match, since anything can happen. And I was a little nervous before the final as well, because the ladies is better than the juniors, she says.

Monica Rundqvist from Trollhättan Pistolklubb won the bronze.


Danish gold in the men's junior competition

In the men's junior finals a Dane won the gold. Frederik Larsen shot 201.6 points in the final which was enough to win.
- I feel great and relaxed. I'm done now and I've done well, he says afterwards.

Larsen is happy with his final.
- It was a good finale for me. The start was unhappy since the tens wasn't there. Instead it was 9.8, 9.9, 9.7. But I finished with better tens towards the end.

Pär Andreasson from Kungliga Flottans Idrottsklubb Pistol in Sweden won the silver with 198.2 points. Oscar Nilsson, Lönsboda, finished third.

Finnish victory in the men's competition

150103 SweCup herrpistol finsk seger wwwIn the first day's last final finale, in the men's competition, Finnish shooter Karri Turunen won easily. Winning score was 199.6 points - 5.5 points more than runner-up Joackim Norberg from Sweden.
- It feels really good. I can not find words to describe the feeling almost. It was easy to shoot and I was not too nervous. I was not thinking about the result, although I saw it, but I focused on the next shot all the time and it worked fine, he says.

The bronze went to Ari Huhtamaki from Finland.


See all the results here.

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