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07 DEC 2013 20:49
The complete edition of the 2013-2016 ISSF Technical Rules, 2nd Print is now approved and is in effect for all competitions from now on.

We have compiled the rule changes that apply on Swedish Cup.
  • Uppdaterad: 24 DEC 2013 00:57

ISSF Rule Start Positions and Bib Numbers.

Finals start positions will now be determined by random draws and not the qualification ranking.

ISSF Presentation of Finalists.

The presentation of all Rifle event finalists will now be the same as it has been for 3-position Rifle Finals where the finalists remain in position as they are introduced and shown on TV. This change makes it possible to eliminate the two-minute Final Sighting Time.


ISSF Safety flags 

Safety flags constructed of fluorescent orange or a similar bright material must be inserted in all rifles, pistols and semi-automatic shotguns at all times except when safety flag removal is authorized by these rules.


ISSF 6.7.7 Equipment Control 

A major change in this 2nd Edition of the Rules concerns a change in pre-competition equipment control from mandatory to voluntary.  

Athletes are no longer required to bring all of their guns and equipment for checking before the competitions. Equipment Control Sections will continue to be available, but now the athletes can decide which equipment is doubtful and needs to be checked.  

ISSF (e)  Equipment Control Procedures

There is one exception to the voluntary pre-competition testing rule; Rifle jackets and trousers must still be checked and receive the ISSF seals in order to register the jackets and trousers to the athletes. Rifle athletes are allowed to use only one jacket and trousers in each Championship so each athlete must have the shooting jacket and trousers he/she will use checked and registered in the ISSF database.


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