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Photographer: Josefin Warg Oscar Nilsson, Frederik Larsen och Magnus Palmgren.

Frederik Larsen won three golds - and a pistol

08 JAN 2015 09:54
In the very last shot Frederik Larsen won the gold in the men's junior competition on the third day of Swedish Cup. It was his third gold and it made him best pistol shooter of the competition. Read here about the pistol events on the last day.
  • Uppdaterad: 07 JUN 2016 17:08

 In the men's pistol competition on the Swedish Cup on day three Daniel Johansson won his second straight gold. He did it after a tight battle against two Finnish shooters in the finale. Johansson from Uppsala took over the lead towards the end and kept it. And in the penultimate shot he got the perfect hit - 10.9.
- It was just as well today as yesterday, so I'm very happy. I tried to think "no nerves" on the way up with the arm and then "squeeze" ... It was nice to get the 10.9 too. Especially when Salo shot 10.6 and then 10.3 in the end.

Johansson's winning score was 197.7 points against 196.8 for the runner-up Jarmo Salo from Finland. Kai Jahnsson got the bronze.

The victory made Johansson best shooter in the class over the three-day competition.

Frederik took his third gold

In the junior men's  finale Oscar Nilsson from Swedish Lönsboda led from the first elimination shots. He was followed immediately by Frederik Larsen of Denmark and Magnus Palmgren from Sweden. When Palmgren ended up third the gold battle stood between Larsen and Nilsson, just like the previous day. With 10.3 in his penultimate shot Nilsson looked confident but it was one shot too early to rejoice. Because in the twentieth and decisive shot Larsen scored 10.5 and Nilsson 7.6. With that the Dane could pass Nilsson and take his third straight gold in this years Swedish Cup.

Frederik Larsen was off course given the titel "best shooter in the class" and beyond that he was also receiving an air pistol for being the best pistol shooter overall in this Swedish Cup.

Stina finally won

- Now I got my gold medal, yes!

It was a very happy gold medalist in the women's air pistol after the finale. The gold medalist became Stina Lawner from Swedish Falun. She won the silver medal on the second day and then said that she had wanted to win the gold since she hadn't done it before on Swedish Cup. But this day - it happened. Here score in the finale was 191.7, 0.9 points more than runner-up Dorte Thorsen from Denmark.

Kirsti Rönnqvist from Finland won the bronze.

Kirsti Kaaro became best shooter in total in the women's air pistol.


Molly won the last gold

The junior women's finale was the last this day and as previous days the gold went to a Swedish shooter. This time Molly Hermansson, Öckerö, won. She led the entire final and she finally won with her 194.7 points.
- On the third day, yes! I was so incredibly nervous. I was exhausted and I was just thinking "I know I can" to get throught it, Hermansson says.

Josefine Johansson, Frövi-Lindesberg, became second, with 193.4 points. In total she won one gold and two silver on Swedish Cup and that made her best junior woman this Swedish Cup.

The bronze on the third day went to Christina van Elzelingen from Denmark.

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