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Double rifle gold for Kviberg in the senior classes

05 JAN 2015 08:03
Modern shooting finals often ends in a decimal fight in points, and the second competition day at Swedish Cup in Sävsjö was no exception to that.
  • Skapad: 05 JAN 2015 08:03

Women's final was the first in Sunday's final pass. Rifle shooter Irene Helmersson from Kviberg and rifle shooter Elin Karlsson, Gullabo was the combatants who fought to the end.

- I did not believe in a medal, but these new finals gives more of a fight, like women to women, and no one knows where it ends, said Irene after conquering the gold medal.

Irene had a lead with 0.2 points before two crucial shots towards the end but a 10.1 for Elin and 9.5 to Irene gave Gullabo in Småland 0.4 in favor. With a 10.7 against 9.9 Irene though restored the gold medal with the total result of 204.3 points against 203.9 for Elin Karlsson.

- It was a high pulse from the start of the final, but when the audience start clapping hands it raises it even further, says Irene, who enjoy a good result in Swedish Cup.

Karl-Johan took the second
gold for Kviberg

The men's final was not as smooth as with the women. Karl-Johan Jönssson from Kviberg made good achievement for victory on day two of Swedish Cup.

Despite five countries on the final starting filed, for a while it looked like it could be three Swedes on the podium. Dick Boschman from Holland cracked that when he beat Mikael Svensson from Aspö. Dick is engaged as a technical rifle trainer for the Swedish national rifle shooters.


In second to last round the Dutch got to fold down with 0.3 points from
the Swede Marcus Madsen, Linköping, who had the grip on the finale along with Karl-Johan. Karl-Johan took the lead with 206.7 against 206.0 for Marcus.

- Today it felt very good during the last part of the finale. I had a competition feeling today, the old me is coming back, said a pleased Karl-Johan.

Linnea is going from strength to strength

On the junior side Linnea Svensson from Skillingaryds showed her strength once again. Now it was the second straight finals and a silver medal as the best Swede, since Camilla Birch Nielsen from Denmark proved impossible to beat.

- I had no real expectations. I went here to shoot and have fun. I have been in the Swedish Cup many times, but this is the first year in finals.

Camilla’s gold score was 205.2 against 202.7 for Linnea. On third place was Nina Bjärehäll, I16 / LV6 from Sweden.


In the junior men's finals went the three Swedes on place 8, 7 and
6, where Emil Bjärehäll from I16 / LV6 were the last to leave. The finale was instead a Norwegian settlement in which Benjamin Tingsrud Karlsen added
up to 203.7 against 203.1 points for Magnus Björnstad, Elverum.

Results and SR/ Radio Jönköping interview with Linnea Svensson found here at




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