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Invitation to the 2022 international competition Swedish Cup

The Swedish Shooting Sport Federation and the Organizing Committee are happy to invite all shooters and leaders to take part in Swedish Cup 2022. The competition is arranged from 2022-01-04 to 2022-01-07.


January 4 Arrival. Training 1400-1900.

January 5 First day of competition.

January 6 Second day of competition.

January 7 Third day of competition.


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The venues:

The competition will be arranged in our impressive venues Sävsjö Shooting Center (rifle), Sävsjö and Söraby Skytteförening (pistol), Rottne. Sävsjö and Rottne are located in the southern part of Sweden. In the arenas we have targets from Megalink for both air rifle and air pistol.

Shooting events:

Air Rifle/Air Pistol: Male and Male junior 60 shots.Female and Female junior 60 shots.

Disabled shooters in class SH 1: are welcome to participate in respective competition class.

Disabled shooters in class SH 2: Open class 60 shots rifle.

Disabled shooters in class SH VI: Open class 60 shots rifle. (Shooter is responsible for bringing correct equipment).

Veterans Air rifle: born in 1976 or earlier. Open class 60 shots.

Veterans Air pistol: born in 1971 or earlier. Open class 60 shots.


Please note: Double start is not possible for example Open class and Veterans or Pistol and Rifle.


Finals for rifle and pistol start each day after the last relay.

There are no finals of the veteran classes, SH2 or SH VI.

Entry process:

You find the entry form on the Swedish Cup official website. www.swedishcup.se.
Application will open between 15th of October until 15th of November 2021. In the event of a large number of entries the registration can be closed earlier.


To minimize our workload we ask shooters not to register individual entry forms, but instead to use one entry form per club, if you are two or more shooters per club.

Entry fees:

Male, junior male, female, female junior 800 SEK per shooter for all three competition days.

(800 SEK is at the moment roughly 73€, at 16th of August 2021.)

Veterans, SH 2 and SH VI 600 SEK for all three competitions days.

Team competition 100 SEK per team for all three days.

Entry fees payment is to be made between 15th of November – 1st of December.

Information about payment is found on our website under “How to pay”.


If the competition should be cancelled, starting fees will be repaid minus administrative expenses.

To minimize our workload we ask shooters not to pay their fees individually, but instead that all the entry fees from one club are paid at the same time, if you are two or more shooters per club. Payment is not to be made earlier than 15th of November 2021, if the competitions should be cancelled before this date.

Elevated starting feesfor entries madeafter 15th of November 2021:1000 SEK for male, junior male, female, female junior classes and 800 SEK for veteran, SH2 and SH VI classes.


Medals to the top three shooters in each class. We also have a long tradition of awarding the overall best rifle shooter with an air rifle and the best pistol shooter with an air pistol. There will also be prizes for the overall best shooter in each class after the three competition days. For the latest information please look at our official website.



Information about accommodation via Sävsjö Tourism and Växjö Tourism. Distance between Sävsjö and Rottne/Växjö is approximately one hour by car.



The nearest airport is Växjö, 80 km, and Jönköping, 70 km.

Good alternatives: Kastrup Airport, Denmark, and from there train to Sävsjö/Växjö (depending on travel restrictions due to Covid-19).


VISA: Please note: if you arrive from a non EU country, please check with the Swedish Embassy in your home country if you need a Visa to travel to Sweden. 

Travel restrictions Covid-19
It is very important that all shooters and leaders arekeeping themselves updated regarding travel restrictions for the countries you are travelling to, from and within.

Contact us:

Sven Johansson
Address: Axgränd 5 B, 582 53, Linköping, SWEDEN

E-mail: This is a mailto link

Best regards   

Mikael Svensson, Chairman Organizing Committee

Maria Jermolin, Vice Chairman Organizing Committee

Sven Johansson, Treasury Manager

Thomas Persson, Secretary General

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