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År Månad
(2012-06-09 23:53)
The two top-ranked athlete fought right to the last shot – and further on – to secure the Gold medal. Tied right to the end, it was the last shot which decided their duel.
(2012-06-09 23:29)
Yang Zhang and Li Xue Yan finished atop of the 10m Running Target Women event, in the closing day of the 2012 ISSF Running Target World Championship in Sweden.
(2012-06-08 15:11)
The slow runs in the 10m event are now done in the ISSF World Championship Running Rarget in Sweden. In the senior men events Dmitry Romanov, Russia, is in the lead with 295 points and Olga Stepanova, also Russia, is in the lead with her 197 points, ...
(2012-06-07 19:32)
The Chinese team have been preparing in Sweden the last days, for the 10m event. In the womens 10m mixed runs event the preparation time gave good results. Gold and silver to China, and also a team gold.
(2012-06-07 19:31)
Josef Nikl from Czech Republic won the individual gold medal in the 10m mixed runs event, today at the ISSF World Championship Running Target in Stockholm, Sweden.
(2012-06-07 18:48)
Sami Heikkila from Finland first secured the gold medal in the 10m mixed event for men juniors. Then Micaela Qvarnstrom did the same in the women juniors competition. A third gold to Finland came in the men juniors team event.
(2012-06-05 19:41)
After four years absence from the Running Target-scene, Lukasz Czapla from Poland won the gold in the 50m regular event in the ISSF World Championship Running Target in Sweden. Emil Martinsson, Sweden, wins his second individual silver in these compe...
(2012-06-05 15:53)
Oleksandr Moshnenko from Ukraine won the men juniors 50m regular runs event at the world championship in Sweden today. With his team members Vladlen Onopko and Stanidslav Los he also won the team gold.
(2012-06-04 14:34)
Sunday's bronze medalist Krister Holmberg from Finland is in the lead after the slow runs in the 50m regular event. Holmberg made an almost perfect shooting, scoring 299 points out of 300. Swedish Emil Martinsson isn't far behind, shooting 298 points...
(2012-06-03 17:18)
The 50m mixed runs event is finished and the mens gold is won by Hungarian Jozsef Sike, with 393 points. Swedish shooter Emil Martinsson shot 390 and wins silver. Krister Holmberg, Finland, ends up third, after shoot off against three others.
(2012-06-03 17:17)
The Finnish juniors won all medals in the individual 50m mixed runs event. With 381 points the gold went to Heikki Lahdekorpi. Second place to Jani Suoranta, 379 points, and third place to Sami Heikkila with 378 points.
(2012-06-02 22:21)
On Saturday night the ISSF World Championship Running Target 2012 was officially opened. The opening ceremony was taking place at Västmanlands läns museum and all nations entering the 50m events was part of the ceremony.
(2012-05-30 13:34)
Only a few days remains to the start of ISSF World Championship Running Target 2012 in Sweden. The competition is taking place Sunday-Tuesday in Vasteras and Thursday-Saturday in Stockholm. 97 shooters from 19 countries will participate, aiming for g...
(2012-05-29 13:28)
The final program for the ISSF World Championship Running Target is set. In the latest program the mixed competition on 50m is scheduled for Sunday 3rd June, the slow runs for Monday 4th and the fast runs for Tuesday 5th.
(2012-05-03 17:58)
In early June the ISSF World Championships Running Target will be held in Vasteras and Stockholm, Sweden. The world's best running target shooters will arrive to Sweden to compete about the precious medals in four events, regular and mixed course in ...
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